• The Total Pet Spa Bath-less Pet Grooming Cleansing Kit

The Total Pet Spa Bath-less Pet Grooming Cleansing Kit

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Brand The Total Pet Spa
The Total Pet Spa® Bath-Less Cleaning Kit provides pet owners with having a way to keep their pets clean in between baths. It is the FIRST and ONLY product that easily and effectively removes the harmful dirt germs allergens dander etc. from your pets coat without the stress the mess and the time of giving them a bath. A super-thick fabric pad contains cleansing lotion and it is attached to the device. As the pet is rubbed in a massaging motion the soft bristles gently lift the hair so that the pad can make complete contact with the hair as it automatically adjusts to the contours of the pets body. Your pet is actually being cleaned the Bath-Less Way while they completely enjoy it! This Kit starts you off with a 3 pack of Sample Cleansing Pads. It is recommended to purchased additional Refill Cleansing Pads in order to use regularly.
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