• Steam Spa RY750CH Steam Spa Royal Package for Steam Spa 7.5kW Steam Generators; Chrome

Steam Spa RY750CH Steam Spa Royal Package for Steam Spa 7.5kW Steam Generators; Chrome

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Brand Steam Spa
SteamSpa is a manufacturer of cutting edge steam bath generators featuring unique features such as dual-tank technology with the most silent steam output. SteamSpa is continuously working on refining updating and re-engineering its products assuring optimum build and quality. Working with the industry’s top engineers they have developed the most efficient dependable and highest quality products. As a testament to the company’s ingenuity SteamSpa’s steam generators provide continuous steam unlike other companies that emit steam periodically in spurts.

  • Steam Spas Steam Head is designed with a reservoir for fragrances. Add a few drops of your favorite fragrance and enjoy a refreshing stimulating aroma therapy.
  • The Steam Spa Chromatherapy LED Light will create a soothing therapeutic environment in bath and shower rooms of various sizes and styles. According to multiple studies LED therapies help with to cure and prevent common health conditions such as osteoarthritis ulcers never damages as well as facilitate the healing of wounds and burns.
  • The Water Filter reduces rust and mineral contaminants from entering the system which helps prolong the life of the steam generator.
  • The Auto Drain automatically purges the generator after each steambath substantially reducing the chance of mineral and rust build-up prolonging the generators operating life.
  • Royal Package includes a 7.5kW Steam Generator as well as the Steam Spa Chromatherapy LED Light chrome Steam Head Water Filter chrome dual control panels and Auto Drain
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