• Single Parenting in the 21st Century and Beyond

Single Parenting in the 21st Century and Beyond

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The successful treatment of boys with behavior problems from the youngest ages to the teenage years is an enormous challenge to everyone involved in the care of these children. Aggression in youth is a major public health problem in this country and a burden on their families and communities. Boys who do not listen and who are aggressive are the most frequent visitors to child mental health clinics. They obtain help from caring professionals in clinics and private offices. But, parents who live with their sons and are most involved have a role that is important and crucial for success. Dr. Passley describes from his practice and study of the literature parenting practices that have not worked well for the single mother. He moves from these examples to describe more effective ways to handle difficult situations that lead to improved and strengthened mother-son relationships. He gives clear and simple rules for effective parenting and recommends how best to deal with the topic of the absent father. Passley skillfully presents those most important parenting tasks facing the single mother of building self-esteem, establishing boundaries, and establishing male role models for her son. His suggestions are easy to understand and presented with the assurance that they will work. The author has an excellent understanding that stems from his academic interest and years of clinical experience as a child psychologist at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center. He directly addresses the single mother and provides her with a recipe to gain control of her family.
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