• MCA D61100557D Law And Order Special Victims Unit - The Fourth Year

MCA D61100557D Law And Order Special Victims Unit - The Fourth Year

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Formerly appearing on a recurring basis as forensic psychologist Dr. George Huang B.D. Wong graduates to full series regular in "Chameleon " the opening episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit's fourth season. Among the year's best episodes are "Vulnerable " guest-starring former musical comedy ingenue Jane Powell as an elderly Alzheimer's victim who is misused by both a sexual predator and her own caregiver; "Disappearing Acts " in which the SVU team runs smack against the stone wall of the Witness Protection Program while tracking down a brutal rapist; "Waste " a compelling exploration of the dark side of stem-cell research; and "Risk " wherein the team must expose the rotten apples in their own police ranks to find out who caused the cocaine-related death of a baby. As in previous seasons many of the plotlines are driven by the unique personalities of the principal characters. In "Mercy " for example Assistant DA Alex Cabot Stephanie March finds herself sympathetic to a mother who euthanized her desperately ill daughter and in "Pandora " Det. Elliot Stabler Christopher Meloni travels all the way to Prague to crack a difficult kidnapping case. Other episodes emulate the Law & Order "ripped from today's headlines" formula. Case in point: "Appearances " which is clearly inspired by the still-unsolved murder of JonBenet Ramsey. Season four ends with "Soulless " chronicling the frustrations of using the juvenile record of a suspect to arrest him for sex crimes committed as an adult.

  • Cast - Christopher Meloni Mariska Hargitay Richard Belzer Ice T
  • Release Date - 12/4/2007
  • Source - Universal Studios
  • Region Code - 1
  • Presentation - Slip Sleeve / Full Frame
  • Language - English
  • Time - 17:47&
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