• Valley Acrylic Bath OVO9636RS 60 x 36 in. Acrylic Combo Bath Tub & Shower Base Right Hand Unit White

Valley Acrylic Bath OVO9636RS 60 x 36 in. Acrylic Combo Bath Tub & Shower Base Right Hand Unit White

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Brand Valley Acrylic Bath

The ovo combination acrylic tub and Shower base set from Valley Acrylic is attractive durable functional and easy to install in under a day. Valley Acrylic tubs and bases are built using a proprietary layering technology to reinforce and insulate the tubs far better than other tubs. The process starts with a heavy acrylic sheet with a resin and fiberglass mixture backing then a thick layer of real Canadian wood is applied to the tub which is then coated with another layer of the proprietary resin. This gives the tub better heat retention and insulation than other acrylic gel coat or steel tub products while giving unparalleled strength and rigidity. The proprietary layered technology insulates the tub rather than absorbing heat from the water like cast iron which saves energy and water by retaining more heat and making the addition of hot water less frequent to maintain a warm bath. Thereinforced shower base is integrally molded into the end of the tub and has a 6 threashhold and 21 height to the tile flange. The tub features a removable front panel for convenient acccess and an integral tile flange makes installation a simple. The 60 tub size is considered the standard width for residential tubs making this product perfect for new construction or remodeling applications where the additional 36 shower is desired. The heavy 3mm thick acrylic layer provides a high gloss surface that is scratch fade and crack resistant providing a clean and attractive appearance through the entire long life of the tub and shower unit. The vibrant surface of the Acrylic tubs and showers cleans up easily with mild soap and water no scrubbing or harsh chemical cleaners required. This easy to clean nonporous acrylic surface resists the growth of mold mildew and mineral deposits providing a safe and hygienic bathing fixture for your family. The ovo tub provides a generous rect

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